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Awesome Free Widgets for your Website.

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Awesome Free Widgets for your Website

Widgets are essential parts of any website, they add new dimensions and help people throughout their navigation experience. When you start a new website you have no idea on what widgets to use and why. But as you gain experience, build content and interact with visitors things are getting into shape.


Widget Tools

The Weebar

A nifty message bar that seamlessly drops down from the top of your web page. Using the Weebar's customizable message.

Thumboo! Website Thumbnails

Thumboo! offers a great, free website thumbnail generation service. They even host the thumbnails for you, and provide a free.

TAGBUG Social Bookmarking

Use the TAGBUG Social Bookmarking widget to help your users share, blog, and email content on your site across every major social network!

TagCloud Generator

See your sites most popular keywords. Use it for knowledge, fun, or even display the tagcloud on your website!

GoingUp's Visitor Tracking

User our visitor tracking widget completely free to exactly how many visitors your site is getting, any time!

mappyMap Cluster

Amazing widget, it can instantly see where your visitors are coming from with the mappyMap Cluster Map widget.

Live Chat

Use live chat widget to instantly provide a way for your users to communicate and connect with you over our powerful, lightweight chat.

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