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Improve your site with these fun and useful tools, courtesy of GoingUp!

Is Your Website GoingUp?

GoingUp! provides first class web site analytics and seo tools for your website.

Why spend time guessing with trial and error changes and adjustments? Know your audience before you make a change. Know what they expect, know what they want, and consequently, know that you’re making changes for the better. Your website represents the investment of large amounts of time, physical and mental effort, and more-likely-than-not, a significant portion of money as well.


Web Site & SEO Tools

Improve your site with these fun and useful tools, courtesy of GoingUp!

Web Stats Live!

Simple Web Statistics

Simple webstats for your web page! Great for a basic needs or first time experience without SEO.

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Site Analyzer

Analyze My Website

Check your site structure, social links, popularity, and many other metrics of your web site!

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Rank Badges

Get My Page Rank

Show your Google Page Rank on any page you want with a Page Rank Badge.

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Social Bookmarking

Simple widgets to help users promote your site on any of the web ’s social services!

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SEO Optimizer

Optimize My Web Site

Scan and optimize pages on your site to get the best results for the major search engines.

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Web Thumbs

Get Web Thumbnails

Thumboo generates fast, high-quality website thumbnails, and can even host them for free!

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Bulk Analyze

Check for Domains

Check the availability of domain names, with built in SEO tools for Google PR, Alexa Rank & more!

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Tag Clouds

Get a Keyword Cloud

Show the popular keywords on your site with links in the popular cloud format.

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Links Diagnosis

Diagnose My Sites

Analyze a webpage for backlinks, search engine indexing, page age, and even more!

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Visualize Your Traffic

Free interactive visitor map. Visualize your visitor traffic by country, state, and even city!

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Customer Kudos

The best and the most complete data in the industry!