Simply adding it to your plugins folder and login to your WordPress admin.

Download GoingUp! WordPress Plugin

To install GoingUp! Web Analytics in to WordPress, you’ll need to sign up for a GoingUp! account and then locate your API key in your account under “account settings”. You need at least WordPress version 2.1 or above for everything to work.

Steps to Install

1. Download plugin and unzip.
2. Upload the plugin file to your WordPress plug-ins directory inside of wp-content.
3. Activate it from the plugins menu inside of WordPress.
4. Click ‘Settings’ from within WordPress Admin.
5.Click ‘GoingUp Stats’.
6.Enter your API key.
7.Enter the SiteID.
8.Save the changes.
9.View your WordPress site. You should see the GU badge in the bottom of the page.
10.Check your stats inside your GoingUp! Account.

Not using WordPress?

GoingUp! Web Analytics works on most websites and server technology.

Other Versions

You can get GoingUp! for other systems, see our plug-ins page for the latest versions.