Simple Machines

Makes it easy to install GoingUp Plugin.

Download GoingUp! Simple Machines Forum Mod

To install GoingUp! Web Analytics in to Simple Machines Forum, you’ll need to sign up for a GoingUp! account and then locate your Site ID in your account under “website settings” of a website.

Steps to Install

1. Download Simple Machines Forum Mod.
2. Login To your Simple Machines Forum admin account.
3. Goto “Package Manager” Under “Admin” section from main menu.

4. Under the “Package Manager” page goto “Download Packages”.

5. Under the “Download Packages” in the “Upload a Package” section browse your downloded file “” and click upload.

6. After this you can see a message “The package has been uploaded succcessfully” and below that u can see “Add Goingup Tacking Code”. Also you can see two links “Install Mod” and “List Files”.

If you click on “Install Mod”, then it will take to the page for confirmation of the action by Simple Machines Forum Mod. At the bottom there is button(“Install NOw”) to install the mod.

If you click on “List Files”, then it will show you the list of files it contains.

7. On clicking on the “Install Now”, it will istall the mod to your forum and then you can see a confirmation message.

Settings for Simple Machines Forum Mod

1. To make the Goingup analytics work. You will need to set the “Site ID” from your Goingup account.
2. Goto “Features and Options” under the “Admin” in main menu.

3. On the page “Features and Options” click on the link Configuration -> Modification Settings -> Miscellaneous

4. After this On the Miscellaneous settings you can set your “Goingup Site ID” and click save. Thats all.

Not using Simple Machines?

GoingUp! Web Analytics works on most websites and server technology.

Other Versions

You can get GoingUp! for other systems, see our plug-ins page for the latest versions.