Makes it easy to install GoingUp Plugin.

Download GoingUp! phpBB Forum Mod

To install GoingUp! Web Analytics in to phpBB, you’ll need to sign up for a GoingUp! account and then locate your Site ID in your account under “website settings” of a website.

Steps to Install

1. Download phpBB Forum Mod.
2. Login To your phpBB Forum admin account.
3. After the download, extract the “” file.

4. Goto extracted folder(i.e. “acp_goingup”) open the “install.xml” in a brwoser.

If the file “install.xml” opened in a Internet Exploler then you have to allow the blocked content. By clicking on the message on the top of the page you can allow the blocked content and then u can see the steps to install the phpBB mod. (Please refer to follwoing image for more info.)

5. After the above process. Then to install the plugin to your phpBB forum, first need to login as administration. You need to run the file “acp_goingup_install.php”. After this need to follow the steps as follows:

In the first page:
Choose “Action” to “Install”
Choose “Version select” to “ignore”
For “Display Full Results”, if you want to see what action is going on then you can choose “yes” else choose “no”
Then click on “Submit”

Then click “yes” to confirm installation.

After this you will see a “Success” message.

Settings for phpBB Forum Mod

1. Goto “Administration Control Panel”

2. Goto to “System” tab.

3. Then click on “Goingup” under “Automation” on the left side menu.

4. After that enter your “Site ID” and choose the “Code Type” you want to use. Then click “Submit”.

After this you will see a “Success” message.

This will setup your Goingup Mod to phpBB forum sofware. But the code will not reflect. To do that you will need to clear the cache for the templates you are using.

First got to style tab of the “Administration Control Panel”.

Then click on the Templates “Style components”. Click on the cache of the current template.

From template cache list find “overall_footer.html” file. Then check that and click “Delete Marked” button.

After this you will see a “Success” message. Thats all.

Not using phpBB?

GoingUp! Web Analytics works on most websites and server technology.

Other Versions

You can get GoingUp! for other systems, see our plug-ins page for the latest versions.