Web Analytics to any Blogger based website.

How To Install the GoingUp! Blogger Add-On

To install GoingUp! Web Analytics in to your Blogger Account, just follow these easy step-by-step directions:

Steps to Install

1. Login to or Sign Up for a GoingUp! Account.
2. From the “My Websites” page, click the small wrench icon [  ] next to the site you want to install the code on or if this is a new site, click the add new site link.
3. Click Tracking Code in the Purple Bar.
4. Configure your badge the way you like and then select and then copy the cod (Hint: Control-C on Windows or Command-C on Mac)
5. Now, login to your Blogger Account and click Template
6. Next, click Page Elements
7. At the bottom of the page, click Add Page Element
8. Under HTML/Javascript click Add to Blog
9. For the Title, enter whatever your like and then Paste the GoingUp! Tracking Code into the Box. (Hint: Control-V on Windows or Command-V on Mac)
10. Click Save Changes and you’re done!

Not on Blogger?

GoingUp! Web Analytics works on any website you can install a small javascript on. Not yet GoingUp? Sign-up for a Free GoingUp! Account and get started.

Other Plug-Ins and Add-Ons

You can get GoingUp! for other systems, see our plug-ins page for the latest versions.