Referring Keywords

Keywords offer a better return for your investment.

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Ever wondered how people are getting to your site? Wonder no more!

GoingUp! tracks your site’s referring keywords from the most popular search engines. Now you can know exactly how people are getting to your site and what they are typing to find you. A website’s success is all about traffic. This is not necessarily measured by volume (although it never hurts), but rather, by quality.

In the complex world of the internet, navigation is everything. Where are your visitors coming from? What are keywords are leading them to your website? Is it the keywords your optimizing for? Are the queries related to your website? Are your visitors finding what they expect and wanted?

These are the important types of questions that the keywords tools at GoingUp can help you answer. Maybe the majority of your traffic is coming from keyword or phrase you hadn’t thought of? By analyzing your referring keywords, you can make important decisions from a SEO standpoint, and decide what keywords are worth pushing, and which keywords are better off left alone.

Say you’re building your site’s optimization around highly competitive keywords, but the referring keyword tool indicates that large portions of your users are coming from less competitive queries. Now you have the power to decide what keywords offer a better return for your investment, making the most of every ounce of work.