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Keyword Research Tool

Need some new keyword ideas? Use the Keyword Research tool for some inspiration!

In today's internet world, content is king. But what good is a king if no-one knows he's there? Search engines use multiple algorithms (shhh... that's top secret!) and elements to gauge a web page's relevance. One of the oldest and perhaps most pervasive of these elements is: the keyword.

Here at GoingUp, we have tons of tools to help you gauge your website's performance when it comes to keywords. We can tell you the keyword density on your page, your page's search engine rank for specific keywords, we can even tell you what keywords people are using to find your site. But what good is that if you don't know what keywords to use?

That's where our new keyword research function comes in. Need to know what keyword to optimize your page for? The keyword research tool gathers information from everything GoingUp knows about your site, and gives you hints, tips, and ideas on how, and what to optimize your page for.

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