Keyword Position Monitor

Helps your search engine rankings.

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The Keyword Position Monitor (KPM) allows you to track and chart your rank in search engine results for specific keywords over time.

Powerful graphing shows each keyword for each search engine you’ve chosen to see if your site is “going up” or “going down”? The keyword position monitor is also linked into our traffic system so you can quickly add keywords that people are using to get to your site and monitor them too. In addition, we’ve integrated Google’s keyword sandbox api to show related keywords that you may not be monitoring already.

The Keyword Position Monitor lets you track your page’s rank for keywords or phrases on the search engines. Examine to see if your page has gone up for down for each keyword or phrase. This helps determine what adjustments you need to make to your page.

Keyword Position plays an important role in your pagerank. Pagerank gauges the overall quality of your page and helps increase traffic. Traffic increases your sites relevance, which in turn helps your search engine rankings, which helps you reach your target audience.