Keyword Density Tool

Varying degrees of keyword density tolerance.

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Do your homework with the Keyword Density Tool! Check to see if your page is well optimized for the keywords you want.

Use this tool to check the density of the keywords on a page on your site. This helps determine if the page is well optimized for the target keywords you are optimizing your site for. Analyze your page then view the report. View up to 10 of your previous reports to compare your changes.

Keyword Density is determined from a mix of how frequently a keyword or phrase appears on a web page in comparison with other words. The more common a given keyword or phrase is on a page, the greater the overall keyword density. The more common non-keywords are on the page, the lighter your overall keyword density becomes. GoingUp’s tools are aimed at helping you analyze your keywords, and achieve a perfect balance of keyword saturation, allowing you to avoid over-saturation which can be damaging to your search ranking.

All major search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, factor keyword density in to their search algorithms.

Each algorithm gives different mathematical weight to keyword density that factors into your site’s placement among search results. These different search engines also have varying degrees of keyword density tolerance, and to much density can be penalized as a sign of abuse.