Inbound Links Monitoring

Monitor where there coming from.

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Once upon a time, keywords ruled as king. But not anymore. Inbound links are where the action’s at. Hail to the king, baby!

A long, long time ago, search engines relied heavily on keywords for determining the relevance of web pages. Strangely, people found ways to abuse this system (surprsing right?) and search engines like Google had to find other ways to rank pages.

While Keywords still factor in search engine ranking, they don’t hold nearly the importance they once did. As a general rule, search engines tend to keep their algorithms a secret, but they can’t hide everything, and one of the factors that came on to the scene after the reign of keywords ended, was the prescence of inbound links.

Inbound links are by far one of the hardest things to falsify and abuse, and consequently, have a large impact on the relevance and ranking of a website. The more people linking to your website, the more relevant your website becomes (at least from an SEO standpoint.). With GoinUp’s inbound link monitoring tools, you can keep track of all your inbound links, monitor where there coming from, and hopefully, use this knowledge to get more.