Heat Maps

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To put it simply, heat maps are awesome. Not only can you see where your vistors come from, go to, and how long they stay there, but now, you can see exactly where they click. Pretty cool, right?

The entire purpose of web analytics is to better know your audience, and see how they respond to various content.

Heat Maps are growing in popularity as a cutting-edge form of tracking usage trends and visitor response to websites. People like to click things, and all websites have things to click. Whether you want your visitors to click a sign up, download, or even a purchase button, Heat Maps helps you ensure that your action items are positioned in the best possible place.

Our clean and easily understandable graphic interface uses heat mapping technology to show where your visitors click, with various degrees of ”heat” representing how hot a specific area is. Are your visitors attracted to a certain area of the page? What not place your most valuable action items in that area? Whether your looking for sign ups or sales, heat maps is the newest and most exciting way to help improve your conversion rates, and here at GoingUp you can do it easily, and you can do it for free.