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GoingUp’s web stats features a fully customizable desktop with easy-to-read graphs and data charts.

Web Stats is a web server log file analysis program. It produces usage statistics from a user’s website server logs. This information details the traffic on the website and where it is coming from.

Why spend time guessing with trial and error changes and adjustments? Know your audience before you make a change. Know what they expect, know what they want, and consequently, know that you’re making changes for the better. Your website represents the investment of large amounts of time, physical and mental effort, and more-likely-than-not, a significant portion of money as well.

Why does this matter? Well ultimately, it demonstrates that your website was designed for a specific purpose, and in most cases, that purpose involves reaching a specific audience. Web stats can help you learn about your visitors, and tailor your strategies to fit their preferences, wants, and needs. This information can be used alone, or in conjunction with our other tools to help understand user response to the website, and how it falls in line with your site?s specific goals. This analysis can in turn aid in marketing strategy, search engine optimization campaigns, site organization, overall site design, and more. Use our Web Stats to help set goals, and gauge your progress in achieving them. Why wait? GoingUp is free, easy to use, and guaranteed to make a change in your website?s performance. Sign up, and watch as your site starts GoingUp today!