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Feature Tools

Watch as your site starts GoingUp today!

Complete Web Stats

GoingUp's web stats features a fully customizable desktop with easy-to-read graphs and data charts.

Traffic Trend Analysis

GoingUp's traffic trend analysis offers an in-depth set of tools to analyze your site's traffic.

Referring Keywords

Ever wondered how people are getting to your site? Wonder no more! GoingUp! tracks your site's referring keywords.

Visitor Locations

Where in the world are these people coming from? GoingUp knows, and easy-to-use visitor location tracker.

Recent Visitor Maps

Who doesn't like pictures? Now, GoingUp's recent visitors map shows you exactly where in the world.

User Profile Data

Web and campaign design are tough. Here at GoingUp!, we figure the more you know about your visitors, the better.

Actions & Goals

Every site has a purpose, and with GoingUp's Action and Goals, making your ambitions a reality is easier.

Heat Maps

To put it simply, heat maps are awesome. Not only can you see where your visitors come from and go to.

Inbound Links Monitoring

Once upon a time, keywords ruled as king. But not anymore. Inbound links are where the action's at.

Google PageRank

Google, love it or hate it, is the biggest player in the world of Search Engines. Wanna see what it thinks of you?

Alexa Rank Tracking

GoingUp! Implemented your Alexa Rating right into the user interface! Alexa is one of the most accurate.

Keyword Research Tool

Need some new keyword ideas? Use the Keyword Research tool for some inspiration!

Keyword Position Monitor

The Keyword Position Monitor (KPM) allows you to track and chart your rank in search engine results.

Public Web Stats

Wanna brag? GoingUp! lets you choose if you want to show off your visitor counts, page views, and site ranking.

Page Optimization Tool

GoingUp! analyzes your page for keyword and phrase optimization, giving you the tools you need.

Keyword Density Tool

Do your homework with the Keyword Density Tool! Check to see if your page is well optimized for the keywords.

Customer Kudos

The best and the most complete data in the industry!

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